The Juliet Letters


Dear and beloved audience:

An article appeared a long time ago in a newspaper telling a curious story. A teacher from Verona devoted himself to answering all the letters that came to him, addressed to Juliet Capuleto, the character of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This striking event inspired Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet to compose a series of songs: “The Juliet Letters”, which we would like to show you.

With this project we intend to offer you our version. With a radio focus, we are going to break down the small universe of emotions that these letters contain. The pain in “For other eyes”, the sarcasm in “Swine”, the doubt in “Why” or the longing in “The birds will still be singing”.

We tackle the challenge of bringing these songs to you all with the unmistakable echo of the sensational voice of Elvis Costello in our memory and, of course, with the invaluable help and advice of Michael Thomas, former leader of the Brodsky Quartet and a fundamental part of the composition. of this music.

Together with the Cuarteto Granada you will be able to enjoy the warm voice of Luis Regidor and the texts and narration of Juan Baca. In a concert divided into two parts, our narrator / presenter will send you, as an intervention between some themes, love letters, before “Dear sweet filthy world”; fables, like the one that precedes “Jacksons, Monk and Rowe”; curious stories that relate songs, such as “Romeo’s Seance”, where we can experience contact with the Hereafter; or even a sentence in “Taking my life in your hands”, the moment that closes the first part of this show.

We greatly appreciate your interest and that you want to share with us this journey to the emotions that we will try to transmit to you with these songs: drama, joy, melancholy and love above all. It only remains for us to wish you a pleasant approach to the world of the senses during this trip and that you enjoy in our company. Rest assured, we will do so.

Sincerely, Cuarteto Granada.

MUSIC and LETTERS: Michael Thomas, Mac Manus, Cassidy y Belton

INTERPRETED by: Cuarteto Granada

Mario Navas, violin / Emilia Ferriz, violin
Manuel Moreno, viola / Jeremías Sanz, cello

VOICE: Luis Regidor
NARRATOR and TEXTS: Juan Carlos Fernández – Baca